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The Rainbow Phenomenon in the Cypress Pools at First Landing State Park -

I captured this shot late February when it was freakishly warm and just about out of the window of time for this phenomenon which is prominent in fall and early winter. I spent so many years missing the rainbows, getting to the park when it was too late in the day or the sun was hidden behind a cloud, that when I catch it, it still takes my breath away. I find myself waving to hikers and pointing furiously, they seem ambivalent, shrug and walk on. "This doesn't happen every day," I want to yell, but I don't. I just feel lucky that I was in the precise spot when the sun filtered through the trees and painted the pools in watercolor prisms.

The bald cypress trees that dot the landscape lose their leaves in the fall. As they decay in the freshwater pools, their tannins release natural oils that can pool on the surface of the water.

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