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In the Meat Years

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Elements and Briars



McDonald has given us a calendar as elemental as the very first one, 28 cuts nicked into bone. Poems move from winter to winter, tracked in flowers and fruit and the insects and birds of a garden “somewhere between jungle and Eden.” The natural world tells us what we need to know. The body persists through trials of lust and childrearing, decline and death, the tale of lumps and teeth and blood and bone.

Valerie Nieman,
Author of Leopard Lady: A life in verse

McDonald turns periphery into centerpiece, and we wonder, with both longing and pleasure, how we could have missed so much detail, and the beauty in it, why we do not ourselves revolve around the thrush, the map, the wedding favor...How grateful we must be for this poet whose reverence for reality turns our senses into avenues of grace.

Sophia Starnes, Author of The Consequence of Moonlight

Reflecting a close examination of the stories in 1,001 Arabian Nights, this chapbook is filled with powerful imagery – relationships, womanhood, motherhood, home and hearth – as well as social commentary, irony, sarcasm and well-crafted language.

Sarah Hayes,

Editor in Chief
Redbird Chapbooks 



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Kindra received her BA from Virginia Wesleyan University and her MFA from Queens University of Charlotte. She's an adjunct professor of Writing at University of Maryland Global Campus and teaches poetry at The Muse Writers Center. She serves as Regional Vice President for the Poetry Society of Virginia

I'm a poet, educator, freelance writer, and manager of a community non-profit. I'm a conservationist, a maker of cakes and collage and I can usually be found in the woods. A mountain gal in an ocean town chasing the "blood jet" of poetry.

I love goats, coffee, birdsong and exclamation points! 

More than anything, I believe in the power of words. I believe poetry saves lives. It has saved me over and over again.  I believe in following your dreams, especially if they scare you.


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