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Headline Poetry and Press - May 2020
30o Days of Sun - April 2020
SWWIM - January 2020

Publications List:

"Could we Live?" Headline Poetry and Press                                                   May 2020

"Long Distance" 300 Days of Sun                                                                       April 2020

"Almost Free" SWWIM                                                                                          January 2020

"Callinectes Sapidus" Stirring: A Literary Collection                                       October 2019

"The Day she Decided..." The Tishman Review                                               May 2019

 "Crossing" Likely Red Press                                                                               December 2018

"Drowning" SWWIM                                                                                             October 2018

"Hope Without Light" and "What do I Know of Loss" From the Depths      September 2018

"Silhouette" Plainsongs                                                                                       July 2018

"The Sound of Freedom"  Twyckenham Notes                                               June 2018

"Ripe," "Avgolemono" and "Visitation" Watershed Review                           May 2018

After Brugel’s Parable of the Blind” Poetry Society of Virginia                     April 2018

   Third Place in Ekphrastic Category


•“Honeysuckle”  Barely South Review                                                               March 2018


•“Everything Old is New Again” Typishly                                                          January 2018


•“Make a Wish” Pure Slush                                                                                 Dec 2017


•“Orbital Motion” New Southerner                                                                   Nov 2017


•”Recoil” Bird’s Thumb                                                                                        October 2017


”Deconstructing the Wall” The Rise up Review                                             August 2017



•“After the Glass Slipper“ Twice Upon a Time- Anthology Kind of              May 2015

a Hurricane Press


•“Out like a Lamb” The Daily Press National Poetry finalist                         May 2015

•Alt-Daily article - In Celebration of Poetry                                                     April 2015


•“Sliding” Shot Glass Journal                                                                             Sept 2014


•“Evening Refrain” and “Spectrum” The Camel Saloon                                August 2014


•”Patriarch” and “Fishing One Autumn” Muddy River Poetry Review        Sept 2014


•“Setting the Table” The Nearest Poem Anthology compiled by Sofia Starnes                                                                                                                  January 2014


•“Sabbath Halloween” “Forbidden Fruit” “You Want Evidence” “To the Window Washers” Liturgical Credo                                                                                                                                   February 2013



•“Closet Bulimic Barbie” B- Anthology Kind of a Hurricane Press               December 2012



•“Keywest to Deadhorse” New Fraktur Arts Journal                                      August 2012  



•“Firefly Murders” The Quotable                                                                       July 2011



•Poetry Finalist for the Press 53 Open Awards for “Obituary,” “Fishing One Autumn”,

 and “You Want Evidence”                                                                                 July 2011



•“Sharing A First Fig in Your Backyard” Portfolio Weekly                             March 2008



•“Wide Earth” “What You Said” “In an Assassin’s Shoes” Skipping Stones, June 2007 and the 2010 Women Poetry Project



•“Love in a Jar” Virginia Wesleyan College, The Outlet                                 December 2003                        


 •“Roots” Stirring Literary Magazine                                                               September 2002

•“Yawning” Artemis Journal                                                                              May 2002




November 2019 - Healing Arts Outreach Event - VB Strong - Zeiders American Dream Theater

September 2019 - Old Dominion University - Quebecois Poetry Festival 

August 2019 - Appointed Co-Vice President of the Poetry Society of Virginia (Southeast Region)

July 2019 - Portsmouth Art and Cultural Center - Guest Speaker in the Summer Art Series

May 2019 - Story Exchange poet in the ViBe Creative District Virginia Beach

February 2019 - William & Mary School of Education - Focus on the Future Conference

January 2019 - Women (Writers) Who Submit Reading

January 2019 - Freedom of the Press Reading to honor slain journalist Jamal Khashoggi

October 2017 - NEON Festival Poetry Reading - Norfolk

May 2015 – Keynote Speaker at Virginia Wesleyan College, Sigma Tau Delta Inauguration ceremony


October 2014 – Ekphrastic workshop Poetry Society of Virginia at Randolph College


Speaking Engagements/Appointments:

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